About Tiffani

Every person has experiences unique to them that affect the course of their inner selves and trajectory of their life. Tiffani approaches each and every client experience with curiosity and significance, offering support to clients to discover what lies beneath their conscious awareness. She has been immersed in the theories of Gestalt therapy and Buddhist Psychology for many years and these approaches form the foundation of her therapeutic practice and support the experiential exploration of client experience. In addition to attending to the client’s presenting concern, the greater goal of therapy is to gain increased self-awareness, and Tiffani facilitates this through guiding clients to “be with what is” (thoughts, feelings, sensations). In accessing “what is” moment-to-moment, better contact can be made with the inner self, and discovery of the experiences that lead to the current state of self becomes possible. Gradually, the subconscious is made conscious. Thus, unhelpful patterns of behaving toward self and in relationships can be identified and shifted, mental health issues can be clarified and addressed, confidence and agency can be cultivated. The knowing that comes from this therapeutic experience can guide clients to make choices in their life that are more congruent and authentic to them and therefore lead to more satisfying and fulfilling lives. 


A bit about Couples Counselling…

In Tiffani’s approach to relationship counselling, she incorporates the theories and practice of Body-to-Body Intimacy (Stella Resnick) and Dan Wile’s Collaborative Couple theory. In addition to one’s own enhanced self-awareness, in couples work, the goal also becomes to understand the others’ experience and what has led to their way of being. Each partners stance and experience are fully explored in order to understand their ultimate “wants” from the other and within the relationship. Each partner is helped to understand that they cannot help wanting what they want, and nor can the other. Once partners understand and accept this fact, they can then move from engaging in accusatory relating to attempting to understand the others’ stance in any given interaction. It then becomes possible to view the relationship and communication patterns from a “bird’s eye perspective” in order to gain more clarity of unhelpful relating habits and to identify new ways of being and communicating for the relationship to thrive and for each partner to feel heard, validated and happy.


Tiffani is credited with her Masters in Counselling Psychology (MA) and is a registered Clinical Counsellor. She works with individuals (adults and youth), couples and families. Tiffani is experienced in supporting parents with children of all ages and has specific training and credits in Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Family Systems and Attachment theories. Tiffani is a Clinical Traumatologist (TITC-CT) and trained in Trauma Informed Trauma Sensitive Yoga (RTY 200). She incorporates this knowledge and theory into her therapy approach.


Should you like to know more about how Tiffani might attend to your specific cause for seeking therapy, please call or email her directly to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Or to begin your journey of personal growth as soon as possible, book your appointment now.

*Tiffani will be opening her practice, Noble Roots : Counselling and Yoga Therapy, in Fort Langley in early 2022. If you would like to learn more or book ahead at Noble Roots, email her!